Saturday, March 22, 2008


By: Phillip Arroyo

San Juan, PR- On March 9th, 2008 Democratic candidate for the local Puerto Rico Statehood Party, Pedro Pierluisi, obtained his party’s candidacy for Puerto Rico’s sole congressional seat as Resident Commissioner in Washington, DC. Pierluisi reached a landslide victory as he received 364,939 votes (60%) as opposed to 202, 537 votes (33%) received by runner up Charlie Rodriguez and Dr. Miriam Ramirez closed out with 41,668 (7%) of the vote.

What was a surprise for many was the very high young voter turnout in the island’s primary elections. Pierluisi managed to mount an effective and concise campaign geared towards the younger demographic of the island and he indeed received the majority vote from the younger generation of the island.

After almost a year of intense grassroots and media campaigning, Pedro Pierluisi has prevailed decisively and has now become the congressional candidate of the local Statehood Party also know as New Progressive Party. Pierluisi will now put his candidacy to the test as he squares up against Alfredo Salazar this coming November in where Puerto Rico voters will decide who will represent them in Washington , DC. The island’s New Progressive Party advocates for Puerto Rico to be admitted as the 51st state of the union. Salazar, also a Democrat will represent the island’s Popular Democratic Party which advocates to maintain the island’s current territorial and colonial political status with the United States.

Pierluisi has taken a short vacation to savor victory, but it is rumored that he will be right back on the campaign trail by next week! Puerto Rico Democrat Corner will continue to bring you updated information straight from the campaign! Stay Tuned!


364,939 Votes (60%)

202,537 Votes (33%)

41,668 Votes (7%)