Monday, November 19, 2007

Healthcare as a Constitutional Right Approved by the PR Senate!

By: Phillip Arroyo

On November 8th, 2007, Concurrent Senate Resolution 81, which would facilitate a state endorsed referendum to the people of Puerto Rico in order to elevate healthcare as a constitutional right in Puerto Rico, therefore amending the state constitution, was approved unanimously by the Puerto Rico Senate. This could be a very important step in finally making universal healthcare a reality on the island, especially when a considerate number of Puerto Rican families are unable to afford healthcare insurance due to the economic hardship the island is currently facing, as well as unequal treatment in federal programs such as Medicaid due to the island’s current political status.

At a moment when universal healthcare is a central topic of debate among our nation’s Presidential candidates, the fact that the Puerto Rico legislature has step up to the plate and moved this issue forward, has without a doubt brought hope to thousands of families in Puerto Rico that are desperately in need of quality healthcare. This piece of legislation sponsored by a group of New Progressive Party Senators and headed by Democratic ex governor Pedro Rossello, has secured the people of Puerto Rico with the opportunity to amend the island’s local constitution on May 4th, 2008 and finally establish healthcare as a right, NOT A PRIVILEGE.

This historic event will undoubtedly mark and define the well being of the island’s healthcare system for future generations in Puerto Rico. PR Democrat Corner will offer exclusive coverage on the day of such a historical referendum!

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