Saturday, October 4, 2008

President Truman Statue unveiled at the Puerto Rico Capitol

The Capitol- The President of the Senate, Kenneth McClintock and Senator Juan Eugenio Hernandez Mayoral unveiled a commemorative statue of President Harry S Truman in remembrance of his visit to Puerto Rico in 1948 while still in office.

“Today, we dedicate this ceremony to a friend of Puerto Rico, a true patriot who loved his nation , its territories and Puerto Rico dearly. Today, as we pay tribute to Truman , let us remember how he impacted history by molding a democratic form of government for the people of Puerto Rico and the entire nation” expressed McClintock.

The legislative assembly of Puerto Rico will recognize and honor all Presidents of the United States that visited the island during their term in office: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry S Truman, Theodore Roosevelt, Gerald Ford, John F. Kennedy, Dwight Eisenhower and Herbert Hoover all with their respective statues which will be exhibited on the Capitol grounds. In April, the statue of Franklin Delano Roosevelt was inaugurated in another ceremony in which President Bill Clinton participated as the special invited guest.

The Senate President added, “Truman appointed the first Puerto Rican Governor, Mr. Jesus T. Pinero, and later made Puerto Rico the first territory under American jurisdiction whose executive figure and legislature were held accountable towards their electors since 1948. President Truman was a firm believer in self government and promoted that people of Puerto Rico select their political leaders, and therefore empower them to create and administer our laws to ultimately permit our people to redact and establish a local constitution during his last term as President of the United States.

“In moments when we celebrate Hispanic Heritage month both here on the island and the mainland, let us never forget those who were interested in molding the liberty of our people to choose democracy and freedom as our premier ideals of which we are very proud of today”, expressed McClintock.

The ceremony included the participation of ex Governor Jesus T Pinero’s son, Jose Pinero, who received President Truman on the island in 1948.

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