Thursday, February 12, 2009


By: Phillip Arroyo

The DC Voting Act that would facilitate the District of Columbia with the morally and deserving full representation in Congress has passed with an overwhelming support of votes within Senate Committee that would give District of Columbia residents their first-ever voting member of Congress and add a seat for Utah. The only member of the Committee that voted against this measure was the one and only John McCain, which confirms the theory mentioned by residents of Puerto Rico and DC during the past presidential campaign which assured that if elected President, John McCain would never have been a friend for DC representation rights, much less Puerto Rico voting and representation rights!

The district of Columbia is on the verge of making history by becoming the first American jurisdiction with full fledged voting and representation rights despite of NOT being a state. Once again, the Democratic Party has begun to demonstrate that when our nation is confronted with issues such as adequate DC representation, doing the right thing weighs in far more than political or bureaucratic obstacles and concerns. Our Democratic Congress has immediately sent a message that this new administration will be one of inclusiveness of all American citizens and not a nation of exclusion that hurts our international image worldwide.

The passing of this Bill on the Senate floor is all that is left for our nation to take the next big step in our history, and would open the door for the four million American citizens of Puerto Rico to rightfully claim equal voting and represenation rights as well. Puerto Rico, like Washington, DC has one non voting member of the House of Representatives, yet counts with over four million citizens which in turn means the island would have over 6 members to the House and 2 Senators if it were to become a state.

President Barack Obama shouted , "Change has come to America!", the day he captured the Presidency. According to the Democratic House and Senate's actions in regards to this issue today ,we now see that " change in America " is very real and is here to stay! Write your member of Congress and Senators today to help garner the 60 filibuster proof Senate votes to make this change a reality!

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