Saturday, October 27, 2007

2008 Democratic Primaries

By : Phillip Arroyo

As the 2008 Democratic Party primaries near, the entire country is in a buzz as to which of the top three Democratic Primary candidates will come out on top as the party's offical candidate for the presidential election next year! So far, the front runner of the race, Senator Hillary Clinton enjoys a comfortable lead in the vast majority of polls taken around our nation. Senator Barak Obama follows up in second and John Edwards in a consistent third. The Democratic Party's primary is undisputedly the more highly anticipated political showdown due to America's marked desire for change in 2008. Not only that, but the top three candidates' "rockstar" image statuses have many projecting a very high primary voter turnout, with young people who have consistenly voted Democratic in the past two elections leading the charge! Ex first lady, Senator, and possibly our first female President Hillary Clinton; Senator Barak Obama , potentially our first African American President and Senator John Edwards who may very well be our "South Factor" Horse. I mean, it's a little hard to NOT be excited when our party enjoys such a diverse lineup in Edwards, Obama and Clinton!

On the "other side", candidates Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson lead most polls as the top Republican primary candidates for the GOP nomination. Nonetheless, many political observers see Rudy Guiliani as the GOP's only hope against ANY of the Democratic Party candidates, this due in part of the former mayor's recognition factor after the 9/11 aftermath and his appeal to many registered Democratic voters in New York who have in the past voted for him.

So, among Senators Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama and John Edwards; which of these three have a better shot at leading our party to victory over the GOP in 2008?

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