Tuesday, October 9, 2007



By: Phillip Arroyo

From left to right: Pedro Pierluisi (D) , Charlie Rodriguez (D) and Alfedo Salazar (D).

The coming editions of 'Puerto Rico Democrat Corner' will feature an up close and personal view of Puerto Rico Dems running for the single coveted At -Large non voting seat on Capitol Hill to proudly represent the people of Puerto Rico . No where else on the web will you get an impartial and inside look, fresh from the campaign trail! There are officially three (3) Democrats in Puerto Rico running for Congress in hopes of representing the 4 million American citizens of Puerto Rico, two (2) under the New Progressive Party, which promotes the annexation of Puerto Rico as the 51st state of the union and one (1) under the Popular Democratic Party which promotes the continuation of the island's current "commonwealth" status.

Democrats in Puerto Rico are divided between two local parties in Puerto Rico that represent Puerto Rico's Political Status future, the New Progressive Party (NPP) and the Popular Democratic Party (PDP).

Stay tuned for more on each of these 3 men; their stances, their proposals, and what they intend to get done when one of them becomes a part of our nation's continued Democratic controlled Congress in '08!

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Phillip Arroyo said...

This should be a very interesting race to watch down the stretch. Charlie Rodriguez and Pedro Pierluisi who are both Dems, will face each other in the New Progressive Party (NPP) primary in March 2007. The winner will represent the NPP in the general election and face Alfredo Salazar, also a Democrat , but of the opposing Popular Democratic Party (PDP).